Named Cplanes in details

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Apparently I completely dropped the ball on replying to this, so I’ll re-up it here :slight_smile:

If I am using Universal construction planes, restoring a saved CPlane in an active, unlocked detail does not change the detail’s CPlane, but instead changes the CPlanes in model space.

For an example open the attached and note the cplane orientation in model space. Switch to layout and make the detail active. In named CPlanes, double click on CubeFace. Over here the detail’s CPlane remains the same, but when I go back to model, the CPlanes have been updated there.

I would expect because the detail is active when I attempted to load a saved CPlane, the detail’s CPlane would be what is updated, and the model space details would remain unaffected. This can be achieved if I switch to Standard construction planes, but it would be nice if it would work with Universal, and details just ignored the Standard / Universal setting, as details should be stubborn, independent, and resistant to outside influence :smiley: (I’m sure this attempt at anthropomorphic humor will end up biting me one day when I ask for linked details, but at that point I will argue it doesn’t count because it will be something I’ll have to set explicitly)

Also interesting, doing all of the above :point_up_2: does not set the file modified flag. Doesn’t it seem like it should?


NamedCPlaneDetails_SP.3dm (2.1 MB)

Hi Sam - thanks, I’ll check this.

I see this id UPlanes are set. OK if the standard kind are active.