Minor NamedCPlane bug?

Over here, double clicking on the pre-canned *World Top* (or front or right) no longer actually updates the CPlane. Right clicking and choosing Restore CPlane works. All my custom ones seem to work with a double click as well, it’s just the pre-canned ones that seem a bit lazy.


Filed, thanks!

While we are taking about named CPlanes, could restoring a CPlane in details get a little attention as well? If the detail is unlocked, I would love for double clicking on a CPlane in NamedCPlanes to set the CPlane. As for also updating the view, I almost always work in with Universal Construction Planes, so I’m used to updating the CPlane updating the view, I might ask for that as well in details if the detail is unlocked.


I think this already works… so I must be confused. Can you provide a sample file with the steps to show what you’re looking for? Maybe you’re wanting the view to get set in the detail automatically as well like when you run the Plan command? Or is that the thing you might ask for as well but not the thing you asked for first?