Name conflict warning glitch

Hi Pascal,

where would be the best place to report Rhino 6 bugs. I suppose the tracker isn’t open to the public, is it?

^the “Do this for all conflicts” option does not work. The prompt will simply re-appear again.

New V6 bugs should be reported in a new post in the Rhino for Windows or Rhino for Mac forums.

Hi Duncan - this appears to work here, in my simple test at least - can you post or send to files (simpler the better for troubleshooting) that show the bad behavior? Here’s what I did:
I made two files, each with two blocks with the same names in each block
I imported one into the other - I got the message box you show only once, with the check box checked, twice with it un-checked.


Thanks a lot Pascal. Not impossible to send but lots of linked blocks that I’d need to strip down a bit first.

For a bit more detail:

  • I have a file where block “part A” is distributed 78 times as instances. Inside part A is a nested block called “part A_0”, which occurs twice inside part A.
  • In another file, I have a definition called part B, but it still nests two instances of Part A_0.
  • I then created a file in which I have both part A and part B, different definitions as linked blocks, but both nesting the same Part A_0, which albeit the same geometry, still belongs to different parent blocks.

Maybe is this impossible for the “Do this for all conflicts” checkbox? It seems to auto-rename parent blocks that are identical just fine, but perhaps not with nested blocks inside them?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Hi Duncan - thanks for the details - nesting may be the thing, I’ll set up an example when I get back to the office next week.


Hi Pascal,

Did you already get time to investigate this issue?
I think I’ve the same problem here: I have inserted some nested blocks (linked+embedded) in a master model.
When I update one of that block, the block name conflict pops every time up.

Yep, I still have the same problem, too.

also been recent discussions here with @pascal Block name conflict pop up