Naked Edges on Join

Hi there,

I’m struggling with 8 no non-manifold Edges, no matter what I do. The surfaces seem to be correctly designed, tolerances highered or lowered doesn’t affect it, exporting as Step file and importing it in Geomagic or SolidEdge (that’s all I have as alternatives) collapses the 1mm gap on 2 of 4 sides.

Please, please, please, enlighten me! :slight_smile:

-DimitrisAvramidis3d_nin_cart.3dm (791.9 KB)

Got some funny joins in there… What I did is:

  1. Took the outer part, Explode, RebuildEdges, Join.
  2. Typed the command TestRemoveNakedMicroloops (doesn’t autocomplete), selected the two surface parts with a window, and OK.
  3. Selected the two parts and Join > closed polysurface.


Avramidis3d_nin_cart-msh.3dm (840.5 KB)


What the FLIP is that??? 8)

I also did the first step, rejoined but nothing happened. Thanks a bunch! You saved my night…mare!!!

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Hi all!

Came back with a similar, but kinda more complex problem than before…

There are a bunch of surfaces met on a single point, that don’t seem to have a constructing issue. They were all created from curves up to 8 Control points with lofts.

Any help to fix this would be gold!

MG04_naked_point.3dm (128.5 KB)