My Rhino Evaluation expired before the 90 days

I used Rhino last night and it said that I had 5 days left. This happened a few weeks back and I was able to regain access, but not this time. It is not letting me back in the system.

Hi Mary - so, how long has Rhino been installed, total? If Rhino was installed previously, that counts as well…
And, how did you ‘regain access’ in the past?


Hello Pascal,

I installed it on November 13, 2014. I used it 2 days ago and it said I had 5 days left, cutting a few days off my evaluation period. But about 2 weeks ago I opened up Rhino and it said it had expired. Knowing that this wasn’t so, I closed it thinking it was a glitch and opened it up again and it worked fine. From the looks of the forum, other people have been in this situation too!

I’m not worrying about this situation anymore because I have actually bought Rhino. Thanks for your response.