Multiply each branch of 1st tree by every branches of 2nd tree grasshopper

hi my friends, i want ask how can do it this :
1st tree with 4 branches of vectors
2nd tree with 3 value of 4 branches to multiply with magnitude of each bunch vectors… what i mean that :
branch {0}of 1st tree is for 1st curve with 3 its vectors , i need to multiply this magnitude with 4 groups of 3 values to get 4 different groups of 1st group of vectors.

but how can do it for branches of 1st tree at once :
1st tree : B1 / B2 / B3 / B4
2nd tree : B’1 / B’2 / B’3 / B’4
the target one list :
{0;0}B1 * B’1 / {0;1}B1 *B’2 / {0;2}B1 *B’3 / {0;3}B1 *B’4
{1;0}B2 * B’1 / {1;1}B2 *B’2 / {1;2}B2 *B’3 / {1;3}B2 *B’4
{2;0}B3 * B’1 / {2;1}B3 *B’2 / {2;2}B3 *B’3 / {2;3}B3 *B’4
{3;0}B4 * B’1 / {3;1}B4 *B’2 / {3;2}B4 *B’3 / {3;3}B4 *B’4

Can you upload the script? Or internalize all the data if you don’t want to show everything. It seems you just need to graft one of them…

hi my brother, this my file ,i need to do it more simple and automatically increase once i need to increase the number of points thanks in advance .

C u r v e E v o l u t i o n - (25.6 KB)

is this what you want?
so yeah it’s just a graft (22.5 KB)

thank you so much , really i get confused with multiply trees … thanks a lot my bro