Multiply same items on all branches

how can I multiply each item of each list on each branch of a tree with the relative same item of all the other branches of the same tree?
I can do it by using the nodes in the figure, but if the tree has variable branches I need to add branches manually to the node which I can not do for the algorithm I’m planning to make.
thanks Ric

could you please post an example file? not sure I have correctly understood what you’re trying to get :slight_smile:

There is a duplicate data component found in the Sets tab. (23.9 KB)

here you have it, thanks

Thanks for your answer, but I don’t think duplicate does what I’m looking for, but maybe you are right and I’m only overlooking something. Can you send me an example?

in your case, “Flip Matrix” + “Mass Multiplication” will work

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Oh that’s clever I would have never thought of that, thanks a lot!

Btw is there any tutorial or detailed documentation about tree data management? I sometimes struggle with selecting and or sorting tree branches in grasshopper.

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Thank you very much!