Multiplication Tables

Doing nothing else the whole day at university :smiley:

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Beautiful and very impressive.
is there another way without scripting? And how color the diagram like this

Thank you

Here a version with plain GH components (10.4 KB)

I don’t know yet how to color the curves in their preview.

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Solution for gradient colors @nathanletwory @Fazloullah

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From what plug-in is Advanced Custom Preview?

Fab tools plugin Fab tools plugin @nathanletwory

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I made this short video out of it

Nice, I’m crunching a new animation with a 1000 threads (and 10000 frames) using the GhGL component by @stevebaer. Or rather, with some code that he wrote to make nice colors for this :slight_smile:

update1: here a quick screen grab:

Cool, some of mine


Very nice!

very very nice and even more impressive
thank you so much nathanletwory Ajarindia Laurent Delrieu

Very nice @laurent_delrieu

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Some my work’s done using #SPIROrat plugin
For more check BVR

A rerender of the animation: 10000 frames at 60fps, 1920x1080. Circle divided into 1000 points. Coloring with GhGL component and code from @stevebaer

The frames take in total around 14,5GB of disk space. The final MP4 is 1,78GB.

edit: I noticed that this is even nicer to look at when setting to full screen, then step back several meters. Further into the animation it is easier to see some of the patterns that emerge - circular patterns that seem to rotate counter to the next circular pattern (keeping the video as small as in the post will work too, but is obviously… smaller).


And one more with the original 200 segments on the circle, and a 5 second ‘intro’ and a 5 second ‘outtro’. Otherwise the same as the one with 1000 segments. Same resolution, same frame rate of playback.

Because there are fewer lines drawn the resulting frames are smaller as well. the frames as PNGs take 4GB, the resulting MP4 is 850MB.

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Some of mine



While being at the labour day fair in town I let the machine churn out this one:

A new one is being rendered with 9 shapes, but since I do so at 4k resolution it takes over 8 hours for just the rendering of the frames (estimate 30GB of image data on disk). Encoding to mp4 will take its own time. Stay tuned!

And the version with 9 different shapes, rendered at 4K (DCI) resolution at 60fps.

The frames take a nice 30GB chunck of my SSD. The rendering at 4096x2160 took around 10 hours. Encoding with Blender 2.80 took 2,5 hours to a 6,35GB video file. Uploading took 1 hour and 40ish miinutes. An hour or two for YouTube to get all resolutions processed. 2160p60 is the intended quality, so if you have a good-sized 4K screen, I hope this looks good.


I organized the GH definition a bit. It includes also the code by @stevebaer for the curve drawing. (24.9 KB)