Multiple vertex with same Z on object or lines

Hi i am a new user in Rhino. Maybe it’s an ease question but i did not find it anywhere.

How to automaticly create multiples vertex with the same Z (such as a section) on any lines, splines it will cross ?

Exemple : if you create a couple of verticals line with diferent XY you get a “field” with vertical lines. I would like to choose one X and create on all those lines automaticaly one vertex that will stay if i delete the lines.
I hope i explained my problem correctly.

Thank you very much.
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You might be helped with the Planar functionality.
This can be activated at the bottom row of items in the Rhino window.

Does that make sense?

Hi willem,

thank tou for your answer, unfortunately no. I do not find the command that you are sugesting. Can you describe me the way of finding it.

Best regard’s

Hello - can you post an example file of what you start with and what you’d like to end up with?


exemple cone.DXF (243.9 KB)


Here is a very easy file made of only 4 pieces. I would like to choose different Z, and on each points that cross the lines that you can see to create a vertex that will stay if i delete the lines at the end.
Thank you


Hello - does the _Section command do what you want?




Actualy it’s working but it’s a long work this way and not precise. Is there a way to make a couple sections at once by saying the delta in between 2 section ? and to be precise, is there a solution to choose the exact value in Z ?

Thank’s for your answer it’s helpfull :wink:

Hi vivien - try _Contour for multiples.


Thank you for your help, i have everything i need now :wink:

have a good time