Multiple options in one panel

I am new to Rhino plugin development. So far I have had good success using the various Get*() methods. (e.g., GetAngle(), GetReal(), GetBoolean(), GetCurveObject(), etc)

My question is this: Is there a straightforward way to prompt the user will more than one question at a time? I am using defaults that make sense most of the time, so hitting enter once to select all the defaults would be nice. I noticed some built in commands are able to prompt for more than one input at a time.

Have you looked at the different AddOption- funtions on the Get* classes?

Ah ok thanks for the reply. It looks like I will have to abandon the RhinoScriptSyntax way of doing things if I want to go that route, correct?

You can mix the two: rhinoscriptsyntax is developed on top of RhinoCommon, so it can serve as example. Also, in your case, you could once ask “do you want to use defaults”, and then list them, if the users says no, you could ask more stuff.

Just a thought,


Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates