After running a python script in rhino, can I have more options to click when prompted?

Hi guys!
Sometimes I find it takes a lot of time to input some same numbers
when prompted after running python scripts in rhino, like rs.GetReal

For example, What I am doing now is something like:
rs.GetReal(…)<======= I need to press enter to input the default value and get paused.
rs.GetReal(…)<======= Pause again.

what I want is like:
please select a curve to do something (optionA = DefaultSettingA, optionB = DefaultSettingB, optionC = DefaultSettingC and etc.):

If I want to modify a certain curve’s attribute, I can click optionA
or optionB to do that. But most of the time I repeat the same action. I
don’t want to get paused by setting ABC everytime.

So, any idea to create this kind of thing? Just like what we see when we click the Polyline button in rhino:

Next point of polyline. Press Enter when done ( PersistentClose=No Close Mode=Line Helpers=No Length Undo ):

You can, but it’s a bit complicated, you will need to delve into some RhinoCommon - there is a sample here


Here’s a sample:

Scroll down to see the Python sample.

Thanks, Mitch! I tried this script and it is exactly what I want! :ok_hand:

Thank you too, Alain! This really works! :ok_hand: