Multiple Mice, (or custom input devices)


I’d like to write a plugin that would allow the user to control the camera with a trackball while simultaneously pointing / selecting with a mouse.

Or even to be able to take multiple analog signals from an Arduino, connected via USB, and map them to various UI controls.

I have been perusing the forum and documentation and have yet to find an answer. It looks like Rhino only expects one mouse. But the Space Mouse people made it happen somehow, so there has to be a way.

Any suggestions?

Hi @JesseH,

Rhino only responds to Windows mouse messages, sent by Winows, to the application. Any other alternative input device will need customized support.

The folks at 3Dconnexion have written a device driver that communicates directly with their input devices. Their plug-in for Rhino communicates with this driver.

Hope this helps.

– Dale

Thanks Dale,

There are FTDI DLLs that communicate with the chips on the Arduino Boards.
So hopefully I won’t have to reinvent the wheel there.
The challenge will be putting it all together.
I’ll see how far I get, and come back here if I get stuck!



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Hey, i also looking for ways to do the same , till now i made a plugin that connects with arduino mega. The Serial COM ports and baudrate and other thing is hard coded in the plugin only for this time, the plugin take the serial data from arduino and rotates the active view in the x axis for now i have used a while loop for reading the serial data and have a if conditon for escape key to break the loop, but my problem is that i have to manually type the command name in the command prompt to start the command and then press escape key to end the command