Multiple attraction gradients for plaza pavement


I am trying to create a pavement gradient in grasshopper.
I have based my script on Brendan Harmons “Random Paving” script, but modified it slightly.

I want to create multiple gradients on a plaza that are connected with attractions. Together these gradients create an over all gradient.
As showed in the quick diagram I want a gradient between the lines (A-B, B-C, C-D) and an overall gradient to kind of merge them together.

However, when I connect multiple attraction lines they only display with the same colors.

Ive also tried to create a complete new channel of the material, however, when I try to merge them only one shows in the custom preview.

Please help :slight_smile:

This might help.

Thank you, but it looks like that would create the same problem that I am facing right now, where I only get “one fade”. I want to create fades inbetween each line that all together create an overall blend somehow

Gradient Mesh (20.8 KB)

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Wow, that is VERY close to what I want. Basically that, but divided on the pavement

Don’t understand what you mean. Hexagon shape?

Is it possible to spread the gradient over a large amount of surfaces/ meshes instead of one big one as in you example. Think of it as a mosaic.

This was made in photoshop

Here’s the script I’ve been using before
Pavement (25.0 KB)

Use IG-Mesh.
It can interpolate vertices data into faces.
Gradient Mesh (24.1 KB)

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