Multi thread brep/brep split?

Hi, I always struggle to cut surfaces with many boxes. I cannot simplify my script…Is there an alternative to brepsplit which uses multi thread?

If you’ve got a bunch of objects splitting one object there’s no chance to split that up into threads.

It can go faster if you do something like assemble your cutters into a single object.

If you can split your Boolean operations onto separate matching trees then the details here might help:



hi what do you mean by assemble into single object?

My cutters are as such.

sorry hi what do you mean by separate matching trees?

Well that’s what I meant. What the heck are you trying to cut with that? For what purpose?

they’re all individual extrusions laid out in a brick style. i’m trying to cut a surface designed by one of my colleagues, as they want these individual split surfaces to manipulate. however for privacy reasons I don’t think its a good idea to show anything more than just this. but its a doubly curved surface with holes.

What I meant was to turn your cutter into one closed solid instead of a thousand separate extrusions. That’s one approach anyway.

oh, I can’t have it not as a thousand separate extrusions cuz they want the pieces exactly as such…

Actually you could, it doesn’t matter if you split an object with a closed solid or open surfaces if the intersections are the same. What to do with a brick pattern like that, making that ONE solid may be impossible, maybe it would take a few of them.