Multi-surface rotation thru point attraction


(Scott Rathbone) #1

I am making a grid of hexagonal ‘apertures,’ where fins rotate between an open and closed position.
I would like to control the rotation through a point-attractor, so that the rotation is greater near the point, and the aperture is thus smaller - but I can’t get it to work through the methods I am familiar with.

Ultimately, I would like to limit the rotation to pi/2 - which is the fully closed position, but if somebody could help me with setting up the attractor, I could manage that step.

I apologize for the poorly optimized definition, hopefully its not too hard to follow. Thanks! (25.2 KB)

Learning Data tree operations FASTER !?

Like this? (28.0 KB)

(Michael Pryor) #3

+1 for data trees :smiley:

(Scott Rathbone) #4

Beautiful. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

#5 (26.4 KB)

(Scott Rathbone) #6

Thank you for this as well, a bit easier for me to understand built off of my original definition. Super helpful.