Learning Data tree operations FASTER !?

I think we need at least a basic guide to go througt all these data tree operations. And for now information about these operations is spread…

I think it is because there is not really a definitive way to use data trees. There are so many different ways to do things. One thing I used to do when I started was to keep solving a problem over and over to make it as compact as possible, many failed attempts but learned a lot from it as well.

A general rule of thumb is, if you have to copy/paste any sequence of components you are more than likely not being optimal in your approach. So take a second to think about how you can stream line it, and don’t be afraid to fail a few times in the process. A recent good example by @HS_Kim on this post: Multi-surface rotation thru point attraction where he turned this from another user:

into this compact (and more parametric) way here: