Multi select in shapediver


I’m trying to make an option in my file that people can add objects like the one in the picture, to their project and control their parameters independently.
there is any option on Shapediver to have multi-select or add objects ?

thanks, amit.

I am not sure I understand your workflow entirely, but my suggestion would be to create a definition that works for one object, and then use the API to load several sessions to the same ShapeDiver model in one viewer, and control the imported files for each session independently.

Read more about sessions here.

yes, that’s what I’m looking for!
I have the definition for one object and now I want to be able to choose more of the same one and control them independently.

I read about sessions but still not sure how to use them for this purpose.
maybe it is because I’m a beginner in shapediver and not all the names of the pitchers are clear to me (like what is API)…

I will be glad if you have an example for me.
thanks, amit

The API is a way to programmatically control the online viewer. In order to achieve what you want, you will need to develop a web application, this is not possible using only Grasshopper definitions uploaded to ShapeDiver.