Moving objects to different/corespodning points

Dear lovely GH community,

I am trying to move different unrolled items to different points. I am basically trying to automate some of the unrolling process that I have done in the previous years which can take hundred of hours if I do it manually.

At this points, I really don’t mind the pieces not fitting in perfectly within the square (I can adjust it manually), but I would love to atleast get them overlapped to their corresponding square.

Currently I have 50 squares and 50 shapes to fit within each one.

Moving Objects to Points.3dm (51.0 KB) Moving Objects to (40.5 KB)


It appears you have only one point in your Rhino file, nothing else, and it’s not being used by your GH file? If you want to use that point, it can be internalized in the GH file so the Rhino file isn’t needed.

Maybe I’m missing something but the result of all this code below is to return the axes origin point?

All three sides of your pyramid appear to be identical? So why are three copies of the code needed? (84.6 KB)

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I don’t have the Unroll Brep component and don’t know why you partitioned the list of 100 small pyramids (on each face) to use only 50? Here is a way to Orient all 100:

Moving Objects to (36.9 KB)

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Amazing work Joseph and Mahdiyar ! Thanks to both of you.

@Joseph_Oster I only did the three parts of the script because I wanted to initially change each one of the sides, but decided otherwise. And yeah, Unroll is from Lunchbox that I forgot to mention. I also partitioned them in 2 segments of 50’s cause that how big the paper size will be that will be fitted into them for laser cutting :wink:

Too much code is hard to follow, so I deleted some redundant bits and added the cyan group to rotate the mini pyramids from one face to the other two. Instead of one large “blob” group (purple), it would be better if the groups were smaller so they could be moved around independently. But I stopped myself from making more changes.

Moving Objects to (32.0 KB)

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