MoveFace and MoveEdge Block

In Rhino 6,

On blocks (not in block edit mode) MoveFace and MoveEdge converts blocks to regular polysurfaces silently, Is this the intended behaviour? would it not be better to have a warning informing the user that it will no longer be a block, with options to cancel or convert to polysrf?

For reference, in rhino 5 MoveFace and MoveEdge would not allow block sub elements to be selected

It can result in unpredictable behaviour:

In the clip I blockedit the three blocks on the left, then exit the block edit and moveFace the one of the blocks in a selection with other objects, then I blockedit the block again to demonstrate the movedfaced block has been broken.

Hi Tom - yeah, that does not seem like the right way to do that to me either… at least the object should be pulled out of the block as a copy and the block instance left intact.


RH-53898 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate