Move vertex mesh

Hello friends
I want to move some vertex of a mesh
As a result of this movement, some points of the mesh vertex turn from square to triangle. And a series of vertex are deleted.

flatten mesh (1).gh (127.2 KB)

Hi @eghbalpourf

What are you trying to do here?
It would be possible to snap vertices within some distance to the boundary, but this will distort the shapes.
Also, if you cut a grid of squares with a curve, some of them will likely end up as pentagons.

I find that to make a grid which nodes out cleanly it usually helps to design it that way from the start, rather than from a mapping.

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Hi @DanielPiker
I want to have a complete mesh here to use in the karamba3d plugin.
But near-edge faces have a problem, I want to remove faces that have a small area and move adjacent faces points on the edge.

What do you want to do with pentagonal cells like these? just triangulate them?

Is it possible to create such a mesh?

I did make this custom goal a while back for draping over a shape and snapping vertices around the boundary. You still need to design your grid well if you want to avoid too much distortion though. (79.8 KB)


I’m really sorry but I do not know what the problem is with the redness of the solver component.
Version Rhinoceros.7.5.21100.03001.x64 (89.0 KB)

What message do you see when you mouse over the solver component?

Solution exception : Unable to cast object of type ‘OnMesh _SlideOff’ to type ‘KangarooSolver.lGoal’.

That is probably caused by referencing a different KangarooSolver.dll file in the script component to the one being loaded by Grasshopper.
If you are in Rhino 7, make sure you choose the dll from inside the Rhino 7 directory

Where should I choose KangarooSolver.dll in Rhino 7?

If you first installed it when it was WIP, it might still be in:
C:\Program Files\Rhino WIP\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Components
Otherwise I think it will be in
C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Components

I entered this address.
But the component is still red !!!

You could install Everything and search for KangarooSolver.dll to identify all the instances on your system (i.e. and point the C# scripting component to the correct one).

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I usually do it like this:
When first opening a file where the assembly refs are set differently to my machine, I dismiss the warning window.
Then I right click the script component, and Manage Assemblies
Then click and delete the one which is there (note you have to press the delete key on the keyboard to do this, there isn’t a way to do this with the mouse!)
Then click Add, and navigate through the file explorer to the correct directory on your machine for the version of Rhino you are running.
Thankfully after you’ve done this once, the correct location will show up under Recent Assemblies, so to do the same for other script components in the definition, or future definitions, you can just drag it across.

I was completely confused
I failed again - is it possible to open the file in Rhino 7?

Yes, where do you get stuck?

I can not see the final mesh produced and use it
Save the file again in Rhino 7
Thanks very much.

Did you get past the assembly reference errors at least?

The solver component on my computer is still red.
Does the grasshopper file in Rhino 7 produce the final mesh for you?