Move selected control points towards mesh

Good afternoon,

Showing the image below is an .stl file of a foot (mesh) and a surface (insole). I would like to know if there’s a script/plugin/command that allows me to move selected control points on the surface towards the mesh (preferably along the Z axis). The result would be that the surface is adjusted towards the curvatures of the mesh.
If it’s possible without the use of grasshopper that would be helpful.

Many thanks.

Hi Arnaud - V7/WIP allows projecting and pulling control points but V6 does not - it will take a script… I don’t think I have one made but maybe @Helvetosaur does - it seems to me someone posted something out here.


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Unfortunately, the script I wrote does not project onto meshes - only surfaces or polysurfaces… It’s in the “to do” notes in the script. If projecting to meshes is already possible in the WIP, then I don’t think I will add it to the script…

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I would assume the script wouldn’t cause any problems if I were to convert mesh to a NURB (which would be a polysurface if I’m not mistaken?). Is it available somewhere if I may ask?

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Not sure you really want to do that, your mesh looks fairly dense, which will create a very dense polysurface (1 face per mesh facet) and likely make everything very slow…

OK, I added support for projection to meshes to the script. Not tested much. (2.9 KB)

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I can not thank you enough. The amount of posts I’ve read with your answers in have helped me a lot along the way. The script works perfectly. You just made my entire year already!

Best wishes.