Move points in X and Y direction at the same time


I have a series of points generated by GPX data. In order to label the sequence, I’m using the point list tool.

I would like to move the points in an X and Y direction so I can control where the numbers are and make them legible. When I feed in the X and Y directions at the same time it causes the points to revert back to their original position in error; sometimes it will only move in one direction (see screenshot attached).

How can I fix this?

I would try Vector XYZ, where you can give XYZ inputs simultaneously:

the way you are doing it, I guess you are moving the very first point of your List along the first vector you plugged to the Move component, and all the remaining points along the second vector you plugged to the Move component

in alternative, you can sum the two vectors together using Addition, and plug the resulting vector to the Move component


You have to add the vector together (mathematical addition).
X Axis + Y Axis and result to Move component

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Simplest way, given what you already have:

An hour ago I did exactly this.


Thank you all, this worked!