Move multiplying vectors

Hi all, I have had this problem many times in GH and never really quite figured out how to solve it. I need to move the black boxes (each in the vectors drawn inside of them) many times. Right now the vector is multiplied by 4, and it works fine, however, when y multiply it with a Series (move it many times as I want) it goes like in this second screenshot, and I really have no idea how to solve it.

How it is working right now:

What happens when I use a Series component:

How I would want it to be:

how to multiply vectors and move (20.4 KB)

So, basically, I want to be able to move the boxes the same amount in all different directions by multiplying those vectors. Is it possible? thank you!

Your multiplication factor should be the series step size (N) and you should cross reference your vectors with your series.

how to multiply vectors and move (19.8 KB)

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Thank you very much!!

However, I still do not understand what the cross reference does?