Move points inside a data tree

Hello all!

I am a bit confused on a topic related to data trees. I am trying to create a random movement of some points but somehow I cant match the data trees properly so as to achieve what I want to.

So when I apply a random component I take this as a result. My issue is that I would like to consider pink element as one thing so that means that the movement of the panels which are inside the pink rectangle for example should have exactly the same transformation.

I would realy appreciate any help! (441.4 KB)

I dont really understand. Do you mean every strip with one vector?

Hello Baris!

What I did so far is to evaluate surface get 6 points on each panel and move them using their normals as vector. So I came up with a tree like that. The number of points is the same on each panel but the number of panels is different on each branch.

So what I am trying to do now is to move equaly the 6 points of the panels which exist on the same branch. In that case in the picture we have only one panel with 6 points, but it differs. Every one of them have different amount of panels.

Thank you!

I tried already every strip with one vector but cause of the curvature of the surface I loose the edges so I had already the panel on a list and I thought moving the points and create new curves could be a good way to go but I lost inside trees and every new curve I create has a different offset :stuck_out_tongue: