Move crv along the plane

Hi I’m a beginner in grasshopper and rhino now.
I just want to move the crv with number slider- along the z direction of one hexagon surface…
help me please
191218_fruit (11.3 KB) capture 1

what i’m trying to do is actually make this kind of model
and I want to regulate the height and openness of of each cells.

I guess you intended to internalize your curves, but no curves are included.

// Rolf

191218_CURVE.3dm (44.3 KB)

thanks, here is the curve

191218_fruit (4.8 KB)

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thank you very much dowazura.
It was exactly what I wanted. but I have another problem now.

it is that I want to make every other curves do the same offset and loft works, for each of them.
but it doesn’t work even though I made the multiple curves and grafted them.

thank you for your help.

191218_3 CURVEs.3dm (65.0 KB) 191218_fruit (14.3 KB)

191218_fruit (8.2 KB)