Move and Non-Manifold Edges

A very strange thing is happening to my meshes. I just meshed complex NURBS model for rapid prototyping. When I run show edges command I’ve got no naked and no non-manifold edges. Than I moved my mesh by few units. This time diagnostic found one non-manifold edge. Model moved back to it’s original position, no non-manifold edges again. Next I moved it again but a bit further. Effect, 3 non-manifold edges. Move few more units, an additional non-manifold edge found. Somehow move command causes problems or show edges is not doing it’s job in the first place. One way or another it shook my confidence in rhino diagnostic.

Hi Adam- can you post here, or send the model to for a look?



Sorry Pascal,
I only posted now about something I dealt with a few hours back. Since than I worked on that file and meshed it again and somehow the problem went away. But this is already third of fourth time I run across it. Next time it happens I save my file for you.