Move 2 Sliders at once?

Hello everyone,

fairly new to GH so bear with me please :slight_smile:

As an exercise i am trying to create a model based on this animation:


I got the rotations to work individually but am at a loss as how to get them to execute at the same time.
Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance

The files: (10.0 KB) Rotate_x2.3dm (3.5 MB)

Just answering your initial question / topic:
there is no native way to move to sliders at once - but you can do it with a script:

and as a comment on your animation:
it is basically some sin() function stuff with offset…
sin(x + 0 Pi)
sin(x + 1/4 Pi)

sin(x + 7/4 Pi)

if this does not help i might find time later to help… kind regards -tom

might look like this (13.0 KB)

ok the math behind is some oscillation that can be calculated with sin() and cos() (7.8 KB)

kind regards -tom

Looks like it is a movement around circles in 3d space

points (20.2 KB)

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:sweat_smile: Thx for all the .gh’s and help!

…but tbh that’s all a bit above my pay-grade here.

I should have known that the answers would be parametric based if i ask i the GH section but that’s not what i was looking for and should have been more specific. Sorry for that!

What im looking for is somewhat of a simple Bongo-like animation just to visualise a basic movement and maybe animate it.

That’s why i used real Rhino geometry/points/curves.
The model itself will be a one time use for a pendant(Goldsmith here) and will most likeley never be modified or changed in the ways parametric GH would permit and be usefull for.

Just looking for a ‘fast’ way to visualise a basic movement with/within existing geometry without the need to buy Bongo or work in AE.

Sorry again for the lack of Info, since i posted it with existing geometry i was expecting that to be used somehow… not real obvious in the gh section i admit :upside_down_face:

Yes, this looks like it could be what i need but i don’t have the knowledge to get it to work with the ‘point on curve’ slider in my .gh.

Have a look at this.

Evaluate curve does the same thing as point on curve if you reparamatrize your curve. (9.5 KB)

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Yes. Thank you!
No real clue yet what’s going on but ill dig in a bit and try to understand.
Does not look to complicated so far.

Skål -Alex