Animate different sliders at the same time

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I am trying to create a animation of the video below where the geometry grows and rotates. I can animate each slider individually as shown. Is there a way to animate both together at the same time. Bearing in mind that on is angle slider (degrees 0-90) and the other is a scale (0-2.00).



I would use just one slider and remap the domain of that one slider to your other desired domain


Wow! That’s a great suggestion. I had no idea such a thing was possible!

Would you mind ever so much explaining how I would remap 0-90 degrees to match a slider from 0-2.00? Or vice versa I suppose!

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Use the remap component - feed your master 0 to 1 slider into the input, set the bounds you want to map from to 0 to 1 (construct domain), and set the bounds you want to map to 0-90

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Slider goes from 0 to 90:


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You can also use this

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. The Remap was definitely the way to go. Took some messing about with adding an expression (x-1) to the rotation components (also setting them to radians made it easier) so that they began to rotate after reaching 1 in scale; but i got there in the end!

Thanks guys!

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