Mouse up doesn't return Get(true)

C# .net 4
Class GetPoint
Get(true) method does not return on mouse left button up, when ConstrianCurve(…) is used.
When ConstranCurve(…) is taken out, Get(true) returns on mouse up.

Jim Randall

Hi Jim,

Thanks for reporting. I’m sure this is no something limited to RhinoCommon.

Why is mouse up important?

There is a related issue I think, when selection of an object results in a mouse-up event not being reported. In short, you cannot use Rhino’s mouse events to reason about the state of the mouse because not all mouse events are always reported.

Mouse up is important to stop the mouse from dragging a curve that is being positioned along another curve. The work around I used was to set a switch using MouseCapture-Mouseup. This switch executes a return statement in GetPoint class Mousemove method, which stops the dragging. Not ideal, but it works.

Jim Randall