Mouse over highlight

Hi all,
Does Rhino support mouse over highlight now after 7 years or not yet?

Thanks in advance

Well, you can do it yourself:

Why do you need this?

– Dale

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Hi Dale, Thanks for your reply.

I need to create something like this for my plug-in that user can get information about points (for cnc machine). Do you know how can I create something like this inside rhino with rhinocommon or Pythonscript?


If you really need to roll this out yourself you’ll want to derive something from Rhino.UI.MouseCallback. The OnMouseMove function is probably what you’ll want to override. Then the MouseCallbackEventArgs passed in as parameters to the OnMouseMove function will give you all view info you need. From there you can setup a PickContext. After that I’m guessing you know what you’ll need to do.

Here’s an example of picking a point with RhinoCommon you may find useful.

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Yep, that’s it. Thank you for everything.

Hi Joshua,

I’d like to ‘mouse-over highlight’ geometry that is generated by GH.
Could your solution also work for this scenario?

I’m not super familiar with how to get at geometry created by Grasshopper or if overriding the drawing for a highlight is even possible. That question might be better answered by @DavidRutten

Thanks for the quick reply Joshua.