More leader bugs

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Hi @Asterisk - Wrapping text with text fields using the grips is a known issue in V6. This should already be fixed in V7 WIP.

I really don’t understand this R7 WIP deal. Are we who purchased R6 supposed to install R7 WIP and work in it? What happens when R7 comes out? We revert to buggy R6 or shell out for R7 and start working in R8 WIP?

If you want the latest updates, yes. The way Rhino works now has changed from V5 and earlier. It is now a continuous development stream - i.e. the WIP. At specific points in time, when judged ready, the WIP is branched off into a release version. Only features that are deemed ready for release are put into the release version, so some things that you find in the WIP will not be in the release version. There is no longer a delay in waiting for the next version WIP - a week or so after a new release version comes out, the next WIP is available.

Every release version has bugs. Those that can be easily squashed are fixed with service releases. What is too difficult to fix in a service release stays in the WIP.

So what happens when R7 comes out? We’re forced to purchase it to not have bugs?

No, you’re forced to purchase it to have new and different bugs… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi @Asterisk

How did you get your leader to read the user text info when placing the leader? Is this a R7 thing?

Hi @Asterisk, if you did with Python then I just figured it out. First time python noob :joy:

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