More complex dialog

Is there a way to create complex dialogs in Rhinoscript? The functionality of Rhino.CheckListBox and its cousins is great, but sometimes I just need to create my own dialog to do something unique.

Hello - no, you’ll need to get at RhinoCommon & Eto for that. Rhinoscript does not have access to these.


Can you point me to some documentation? I don’t know anything about RhinoCommon or Eto, whatever that is.

Hello -


It may be best to just start with the python section on our developer docs page if you are looking to use python

Other options are C# and VB that I tend to think are a bit easier to deal with once you get into the complications of custom UI.

My program is completely written in Rhinoscript.

There are a couple of options here.

If you don’t want to type in any other language than RhinoScript, you could use the HtmlBox function for custom UI.

You could also create custom UI with a different framework and call functions in RhinoScript