Moment of Inertia from Multiple Objects

Hello all,

This is my first topic in the forum. I am a beginner in scripting and i would like to ask for your help.
As a first goal and since I cannot directly use the Rhino command “AreaMoments” in python script (can I??), I would like to write a script in python that calculates the moment of inertia of multiple objects around the area of the centroid.

The rs.SurfaceAreaMoments in rhinoscriptsyntax i see that is only for one object and it is only for surfaces.

However the “AreaMoments” command is capable of calculating the moment of inertia also for polysurfaces, co-planar closed curves & meshes.

Can you please give me some guidelines on how to write such a script?

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see if below script helps, it just prints out area moments of inertia about centroid coordinate axes for each object. To get all the other data check out AreaMassProperties. (1.1 KB)


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Hi Clement and thanks alot for your instant reply!

I first read the provided script and there are still a lot of things to learn but it is a great start!

I will try to understand it and i will hopefully come up with the moment of inertia on centroid area.

Thanks again!