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subject: casting mould

Good day,

I am looking for a script where I can load a mesh so that I can create a mold around it

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Wouldn’t that be the “Import” command?
You’ll then be able to load a mesh in one of the numerous format Rhino supports into your document.

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going to need more detail to be helpful.

you can open mesh files like obj, and stl, simply with file>open in rhino.

working with meshes in v8 is much less frustrating than earlier versions and our mesh booleans are much more robust now.

posting a file or some images showing what you want to do will go a long way towards us being able to help.

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I need a script that makes the casting mold for the object in two parts as shown in the example

there is a lot more to making a mold than a script-

for something simple you can just make 2 cubes and boolean subtract your part (assuming it closed and has appropriate draft angles)

for anything more complex, you’ll need to generate parting lines, make ribbon surfaces and split your part into halves.

this video may help-


Could you help me with this file to make a list according to the video, I can’t figure it out
YELLOW STEP.step (7.2 MB)
YELLOW STL.stl (343.6 KB)

Where are you stuck?

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how to put this politely…

this model is a house of horrors to try and create a mold from… it has undercuts everywhere, it needs a core, the geometry is a mess, etc, etc…

what are you trying to do with this model? do you really need a mold or is 3d printing an option?

this would be a huge complex project for anyone with tons of mold making experience… if that is not you, I’d punt this to a pro and be prepared for a bill…

if you can 3d print, it would serve you well to shrinkwrap this part and get a better mesh.

see settings that seemed to work here below-


Could you help me with this file to make a list mold casting, I can’t figure it out
as.SLDPRT (78.8 KB)
as.STL (106.9 KB)

@Henk_Spaan what is the intended end material to cast in, and how many objects need to be casted?

The material itself doesn’t matter, it’s just about the model that I can show it and preferably for a model