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Hello Guys,

I have a question, I’m trying to make a custom module with some functions, I started by doing some testing. (287 Bytes) (1.3 KB)

So it is, I build a simple module with some simple functions (just pass some messages),

And I’ll call this module the test script, so far everything works fine, the problem is when I have to change the, if I change some line this only takes effect when the rhino is restarted.

This wakes up a lot of trouble, is there any way to do an update to the module without rebooting?


Hi @ricardo.eira, try to put below in, but you must still import it:

reload (modulo)


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Thank you,

Reload dont work, give a sintax error.



what error do you get ? You might post some simple example so the error can be replacated. Your two scripts above do not have the imports we’re talking about, reload is a standart function.



In the Rhino Python Editor, go Tools > Reset Script Engine every time you’ve made changes to the module you’re importing.

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Thank you,

I already find this Reset script engine, thank you anyway.