Modo or Blender - from a Rhino users perspective?

Been there done that…lends credence. Thanks

Nothing wrong with being a ‘fan’ if ONE truly believes…


Able to link us to those? Thanks in advance!
Beautiful and fluid configuration. Makes the blender experiennce something completely different and better.
The following addons are useful workflow enhancements for blender

Hard Ops Add On:

HardOps has a sister addon called Boxcutter:

Speedflow Addon:

As mentioned before Claas Kuhnen does excellent explanation of blender workflow and how it can be integrated into CAD. With new Rhino subD capability on the horizon this starts to be more powerful.


Richard, I think either package will be an excellent addition to Rhino. Some of those Blender add-ons that Thomas posted right before this post look really good!And a lot of the skills will be transferable to each other, even to a future production-quality solution inside Rhino if that ever materializes. Have fun!


Blender. The 2.8 is incredible!!

Will we be able to export a .blend file from Rhino soon? Would be amazing.

My workflow is now totally between Rhino and Blender. Blender for Rendering, Mesh Modeling, Complex scenes. Rhino for drawings (also 2d) and production files.

Nathan has written a plugin to read 3dm in blender if that’s any good? See thread below…

And with my Rhino theme and keymap it should be even easier to get into Blender 2.80

(both key map and UI theme are hosted here)

These are awesome developments. I have tried opening up Blender a few times over the years and always gave up on it due to the steep learning curve of the user interface. Blender 2.8 has had me give it a second look and the new features look promising and the interface is much friendlier to someone who’s used to CAD software. I’m looking forward to using @nathanletwory 's keymap and feel right at home.

Rhino+Blender seems like a very powerful pairing. Advancements in interoperability is only going to increase this!

I did learn Blender 2.8 and the learning curve is a bit steep, I agree. But it is so much worth it!! Rhino & Blender are an incredible powerful match! Will we see a .blend export and import option in Rhino? That would be awesome!!

The future holds many mysteries. Technically it is possible, but considering the amount of work it isn’t very high on the list at the moment. But it might still happen.

What would you suggest is the best file exchange format between Rhino (5 mac) and Blender (2.8) for design work? .obj for in and out?

From Rhino to Blender 2.8 I’d use my importer. From Blender 2.8 to Rhino I’d probably use OBJ, but I suppose it also depends a bit on what you intend to bring back from Blender to Rhino. I can’t really see what one would want to bring back from Blender into Rhino, so I’m interested to hear what your usecase is.

Hi Nathan, do you have a list of the features that your exporter supports? like layers, blocks, saved views,…

Not a real list as of yet, but roughly:

  • existing render meshes from the file
  • layers (as collections)
  • simple layer materials from layer color
  • simple material conversion

Not yet done, but planned or in progress

  • automatic scaling (in the works, but some buggy behaviour being investigated)
  • views
  • blocks
  • automatic mesh generation using either Compute (already working on my laptop) or Rhino Inside (only Windows, and currently not an option as Rhino makes Blender 2.8 crash when being loaded as subprocess).
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In Blender I do a lot of Mesh and SubD Modeling. Smooth and organic forms (architecture & furniture), meshes, modifiers, etc… Once a design has been approved by the client and goes into production, I import it into Rhino and refine or redo it properly and prepare it for production.

For me personally it depends what kind of design I have in mind. Sometimes it is easier to do in Blender, sometimes in Rhinoceros. Most of the time I use both. I like this duality because the programs are so complementary.

For that I’d use just OBJ.

Thanks Nathan, sounds promising!

Hi Nathan,

I think my workflow will look like Rhino > Blender > Rhino. The reason for this is that I need to model accurate volumes in Rhino - in this case, the dimensions of a cave - then take them into Blender, sculpt and shape these basic shapes more organically with a custom brush, and then bring the resulting mesh back into Rhino to produce drawings to be built from. Do you have any suggestions for how I might approach this? And is OBJ still the best solution to export back to Rhino? I’m feeling fairly daunted by the learning curve here, so any help would be amazing.


The import_3dm add-on should help you with getting your Rhino geometry into Blender 2.80 (or later). To bring your modified geometry back into Rhino I’d stick to OBJ.

If you are familiar with Blender sculpting tools you should be able to get just going, otherwise you can look up tutorials on sculpting in Blender 2.80.

Btw, I just released v0.0.4 of the import_3dm add-on for Blender.