Modify grid through the intersection off an offset (both side) curve

Hello everyone

I’m struggling quite a bit with this one. Basically, I’m wondering how to go from this:

To this:
Capture d’écran 2021-03-04 112441

I’m having a real hard time dealing with action impacting multiple elements, and I’d appreciate a hint to understand how to deal with this kind of situation even more then a direct solution.

Here is the GH def : (10.6 KB)
Thanks in advance for your time

You didn’t internalize your curve, anyway check this… (12.9 KB)

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I was awaiting a complicated solution using culls and other list manipulators, and you showed me a very simple and efficient way of solving my problem.

Thank you very much!

For those who might stumble on this thread, I’ve worked on the def to accommodate multiple avenues.

Here: (10.1 KB)