Modify Block : Why do I need to bake it?

Hi Martin,

I see. This means that all my blocks need to be given an Elefront BakeName Key/value pair beforehand.
I want to be able to modify any block, not only those which have been generated through Elefront.
Moreover, this does not work for sub-blocks : suppose “Block 01” has been nested in another Block ; then an unwanted instance of “Block 01” will be baked despite the BakeName hack.
Also, it is useless to redefine the attributes of a sub-block instance as this will not be passed to all the nested instances.
The “trick” I found to work is to assign attributes to some geometry contained inside the sub-block, as shown in my definition.

The Human equivalent component (“Define Block”) doesn’t require to be baked, and also has an “Overwrite” boolean input, but the Human attributes classes are not compatible with those of Elefront.

Any thoughts on the Elefront Bake freezing the GH interface ?