Modeling an Iris system

is it possible to model and animate an iris like this in rhino? I mean without the use of grasshopper. how can I model and rotate it for getting renders of different iris openings?

Here is the video of this ris

It might be remotely possible with base Rhino and history, although somewhat difficult and constrained. Otherwise Grasshopper is the only good way to go…

I don’t know very much about grasshopper… it seems difficult to link objects together in rhino, so when one object moves the child one reacts to the movement! I mean some thing similar to 3ds max object linking.

Native Rhino history won’t do linking where moving one object alters another unless it is a child, so moving the actuator ring would not cause the leaves to move. But for simple visual purposes where the actual mechanism is hidden and only the leaf movement is shown, no problem. Just draw one leaf, turn on history, Array Polar however many leaves are required, and then rotate the parent leaf around it’s pivot point. The child leaves will follow.