Mobius Geometry Help Please!

Hi everyone,

I am a beginner to rhino and needed help drawing a mobius geometry.

Does anyone know how i can do this?

I would like the surface to have a thickness as well.

I have added in an image of what i mean:



You must find examples on Grasshopper site:

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I was curious about this too so I had a go.
I made a long rectangular box and then twisted it 180 degrees along its length.
I then flowed this along a circle with stretch on. I was slightly surprised that it worked so well, especially as the original shape was a bit crappy!
I’m quite new to Rhino myself and am constantly amazed at how cool it is.

moebius_strip.3dm (3.2 MB)


Sorry- I just looked at your example image and I see I modelled a different kind of Moebius strip.
I flowed the same rectangle along an ellipse and then twisted that 180 degrees just to see what would happen:

It is a moebius strip but probably nothing like as elegant a solution as Grasshopper could manage!

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thank you for this, very helpful :slight_smile:

If possible, can you send that rhino file to me with the 2nd mobius geometry

Hi Nathana197 hope the attached is useful
MoebiusSolid.3dm (135.0 KB)


great thanks @Jess
how can i turn on control points for this or edit the polysurface?

Simply _Explode it and turn _PointsOn
It is made of two periodic surfaces.

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Of course, here you go:
moebius_strip_2.3dm (3.4 MB)

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thanks so much

thank you! :slight_smile:

Seems familiar.

Jep, made with Math plugin :slight_smile:
There will be a major update for V6…

I was a little surprised to see your model as I was very close to posting something similar. I based my model on the offset surface of the file I included in this thread:

Now, you can see the similarity would be rather striking. So much so, I figured you had acquired my model as some previous date.
Your reference to the Math Plugin, and some investigation via “wayback” of your library page, leads me to believe that you had derived the concept quite a bit earlier than I.
This may be hard to believe, given the same circular subdivision and 4pi based parameter, but I did not have prior knowledge of your offering when I developed the program for AutoCAD (as demoed in here:
As fascinating as I thought the concept was – and conceivably you think/thought as well – it garners little attention from anyone else on the planet. Oh well. It does appeal to my sense of purity.

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hello nathana,
i did a parametric moebius strip some time ago. in case you dont know what this means: you get an instant solution for the strip simply by opening the file and can change all the properties of the strip at any time and see the changes in realtime. the changeable properties (parameters) are:

  • length and width of the cross-sectional rectangle
  • overall radius of the strip
  • number of turns of moebius strip
    To use the file you have to have Grasshopper and Jackalope for Grasshopper installed. Both are free Rhino plugins. If you use Version 6 of Rhino (beta at the moment) both are included.
    In case you dont have Grasshopper, i also attach a rhino file containing the “baked” solution from the Grasshopper setup (this one cannot not be changed anymore).

Roberto (18.6 KB)

mobius_baked.3dm (239.0 KB)