Missing Final Curve in Sweep-1 Using PFrames

Contextualizing this, I am making some kind of trumpet shape for 3d printing, so it will require iteration. That makes a grasshopper model worth it, so here I am. I’d like to sweep an ellipse through a parameterized, filleted poly line so that I have an elliptical tube with some sliding scales to tweak it.

However, I am running into enormous difficulty getting each of my sweep curves to be included in the sweep. Either one of two situations is happening:

  1. I sweep through N-1 curves as defined by my parameters, and sweep to a singular line at the end.
  2. I produce ellipses at each of the PFrames including the end, but Sweep-1 will not calculate.

I am really running up against a wall; I don’t understand how to get this Sweep to evaluate. I’ve included my grasshopper file and an image of the problem:

trumpet.gh (9.2 KB)

Ok, looks like all I needed to do was ask the question, and take a step back. The issue was the way domains were being evaluated. I assumed they took the minimum and set value from the slider, but they actually default to 0 and range up the the value set in the slider instead.

In hindsight, that makes sense. Anyhow, I was able to define my domains explicitly, and get the sweep to work.

trumpet.gh (11.3 KB)