Missing Commands and Toolbars

I opened up Rhino 6 for Windows for the first time in a while, and the command toolbars are missing. When I go Tools > Toolbar Layout, it tells me that the command _Toolbar isn’t recognised. Several other commands are also not recognised. When I go to Help, to check for updates, it doesn’t recognise that command either, and the options menu seems to be missing a lot of tabs, if memory serves.

Then I realised that random modelling commands are also not working - for example Circle.

Then I ran SystemInfo, and realised not a single plugin was listed, though apparently several should be. I can’t find information on how to fix this. What could be doing this?

I’m attaching a view of the screen, and of the Options tab.

Can you go to Windows Control Panel > Programs, find Rhino 6 in the list, right click and choose “repair” ?

Yep, that seemed to work, thank you!