Mirroring a hexagon pattern

I would like to mirror this hexagon pattern made in Kangaroo and create a middle seam that binds it together like in the second picture. The problem with this method that I used before is that I simply drew new hexagons based on the distance between the two parts, which makes the middle part loose the circular shape that the rest of the hexagons have.

mirror.gh (284.7 KB)

Was thinking if there was a better way of mirroring the half-hexagons found in the tangent circles node. But they seem to be hard to mirror while still being connected to one another. Is there a better mirroring solution?

It will be easier to do the mirror and join on the triangular mesh, and only then get the incircles/dual.

Isn’t that going to create an asymmetrical circle pattern? The point of mirroring the two halves is to have the same circle pattern on both sides.

I mean you could do the incircle optimisation on a triangular mesh of just half the object,
then mirror that mesh, join the halves, and then get the dual or circle packing. Because the triangles are mirrored, the circle pattern will be symmetrical.
Here’s an example:

mirror_incircs.gh (14.5 KB)

Thank you! I will need to make my mesh more symmetrical for this to work but this seems to be what I’m looking for! Thanks

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The method works great with the dress when cut precisely in the middle!

Just wondering one thing, if using the remeshbycolour node it seems to break the seamline making it impossible to join, because its not straight anymore. Just wondering if there is a way to use the colour remesh without breaking the seamline?

mirror_incircs dress colour.gh (243.0 KB)

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