Method to select an object and any others that touch it....?

This works super well! Like you said, a tad slow but that has everything to do with my file size… thank you for your help on this, I really appreciate it

Thank you Pascal Golay,
Is it possible to make it work on multiple curves at once? in cases like when you have a joined curves or a group of joined curves, closed or opened?

I am wondering if there is a way to select multiple objects that are touching each other or intersecting each other. To be more clear I want to select a lot of objects and filter out objects that are not touching.

Hi Jonah - - would you start with one object and try to grow the selection from there with touching /intersecting objects, or select a bunch of objects and de-select any that do not intersect some other object in the selection? Or?


I would like to select a bunch of objects and then deselect objects that are not touching or intersecting. My goal is to prepare a lot of objects for a boolean union

Hi Jonah - is the number very large? It seems like a BU on the entire selection would do the filtering automatically.


Yes the number is very large. It is a model from revit which I am preparing for 3d print. I think you are correct though as the best option seems to delete all unnecessary geometry before BU the objects together.

Hi Pascal, I’ve used your script and it’d be very useful if it could also include meshes, like you said in a previous message.
Thank you so much!

Works great :wink: made my work much easier.
Thanks a lot

thanks you , very usefull