Meta ball stairs

Hi ,
I’m an architecture student and I’m trying to design this thing for my project, unfortunately I’m still a beginner with Grasshopper but I know its can do a lot. I have gotten this far with my metal ball script- I understand how it works, the tutorial I was looking at used a bounding box to contain the metaball, I know that a metaball is a series of randomised points inflated.

What I want to achieve is a ‘metalball stairs’ where the balls are seen at the sides and the bottom of the stairs and at some points cross over the stairs ( as you see in the sketch). How can I achieve this? What do I need to change in my script to get this? How do I arrange the points where I need the metaball to be around the stairs without plotting multiple points by hand? I know this is a massive question and I appreciate any direction and help.


Stair file
file_1_1209_metaball_stair.3dm (4.9 MB)

Metaball testing script (19.4 KB)

Many thanks!