MeshSplit and MeshTrim needs some love

@dale Do you think you can give the mesh splitting algorithms some love in the near future?
I work on some large architect projects now and the ability to quickly split a complex mesh would save much time. MeshSplit and MeshTrim often refuses to split the mesh, or splits it oddly or just deletes the entire thing.

It seems to not handle split or trim geometry that comes too close to vertices which is a big problem as vertices are the only thing we can snap to on a mesh. It also struggles if the meshes are too thin and long. Maybe it is just a tolerance/floating number thing that is easy to fix.

I can provide some examples when you have time to look into it. They are easy (but a bit time consuming) to make.


More reliable mesh split, trim and booleans would help us a lot, daily…

+2 yep.

+1 from me!

With 3D scanning and printing becoming more and more ubiquitous the only thing stopping rhino from being the number one tool for these applications is how it handles these basic mesh operations. These problems seem to have been around for quite a while and it is becoming frustrating having to deal with them every day.

It looks like there will be some fixes to MeshSplit coming to Rhino 6 (here are the details). @tim can provide you with any details that he has.

– Dale

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Hey Holo, one thing I’ve noticed is when I split a mesh that deletes itself or 90% of it. It’s been due to the fact that the mesh is multiple disjointed meshes joined as one mesh. Use Splitdisjointed mesh and try again. That’s seemed to fix that problem for me personally.

And I do agree, some additional work on the command will be very exciting.

Another trick I use if I’ve broken a mesh apart but then have some of those parts won’t split were I want is MeshtoNurb that piece (of course if it’s a million poly mesh that’s no good). Meshsplit, then mesh the nurb and delete nurb. It’s saved me from having to manual create a seam or undo and tackle it from a different angle.


Thanks, new workarounds are always welcome!

Which is the best way to meshsplit correctly.
I need to intersect all roads, landmarks and so on mesh terrain.

Any suggestions?