Meshing a Split Surface

Hi All,

I have created multiple sub-surfaces from a larger surface using the “split surface” function.
I have then tried to mesh these split surfaces using the “mesh surface” function.
However, upon meshing the split surfaces I am finding that the newly created mesh is not staying within its bounds.

The below snip shows the split surface in green along with its associated mesh. It can be seen that this mesh does not fit within the surface.

As a test, I have tried to mesh the original surface - this has acted as expected. I have shown this in the below snip (parent surface in green):

I was hoping someone could please tell me how to mesh a split surface so that the mesh stays within its bounds. I have attached a simplified model which illustrates the issue.

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Liam (16.0 KB)

It’s because Mesh Surface is looking for an untrimmed surface and Split Surface creates trimmed ones. Using Shrink Surface from Pufferfish will untrim the surface in this case. (15.0 KB)

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Hi Ethan,

That’s great, problem solved! Appreciate your time responding to this.

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In case you don’t want to go the Pufferfish route, you can also create untrimmed panels like this: