MeshFromLines underperform in Rhino 8.0

Hi there,

Any idea why in Rhino 8 “MeshFromLines” underperform?
For example see picture attached.

The lines were created automatically through a script.
If I suspect correctly, there is a bug with regards to how Rhino8 derives the “direction” of the line.
Because if I remove the lines of the “empty” face and redraw a polyline (and then explode it) it works correctly.

Anyone already understood why “MeshFromLines” do not work in Rhino8, but the performance in Rhino7 is (almost) OK?

example_meshFromLines underperform.3dm (80.3 KB)

(Edit: I already made this post some days ago in an already solved post, so I decided to post it again here as I didn;t get any replies :). Old post: Bug - MeshFromLines, Mesh.CreateFromLines - Scripting - McNeel Forum)

Hi Theofanis -
Thanks, I’ve added that sample to RH-79413 MeshFromLines: Missing faces