Meshes in Cyberstrak

Side note first: there should be Cyberstrak only category.

The heart of the matter:
I have a visual problems when working with meshes in Cyberstrak.
This is how they are displayed in Rhino space:

and this is how they are displayed during isolation procedure:

Not very informative. I think the wires and flat display should be preserved.
Also, when selecting faces the outline of selection should be thick or having it’s own colour to make sure no face was omitted.

Hi Piotr,
Oh I just saw this right now…
The way the Cyberstrak Mesh selection is designed is selecting a base mesh (mainly on large free form areas) and doing something on top (create a surface, a sub mesh…). In the dockbar you can cointrol the appearance of the sub meshes on top, but not the appearance of the base mesh.

So I understand for your kind of parts this looks not good at all.

Would if be helpful, if somewhere (e.g. in an options dialog) some default settings would be available? Maybe transparency level, net wires, …?

Hi Peter
Hard to make a verdict without the testing but, once you understand the struggle, you can propose something that would help in such cases: glare control, transparency, outlines… anything.
Thanks for looking at it. I hade a moment of break from Cyberstrak so I forgot about it as well.

OK, I*ll have a look.