MeshClash.Search method for intersection between two meshes




I am wondering why the maxEventCount parameter is needed for the following method:

public static MeshClash[] Search(
	Mesh meshA,
	Mesh meshB,
	double distance,
	int maxEventCount

Isn’t the maximum possible amount of mesh-clashes between two meshes just always one? Two meshes either collide or they don’t or am I getting something wrong about the meaning of this parameter?

— Edit —
What is the difference between Intersection.MeshMeshFast() (or Intersection.MeshMeshAccurate()) and MeshClash.Search()? Both methods check for intersection between two meshes, right? Some further insights would help.


(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #2 says the accurate method handles overlaps and near misses, whereas the fast method doesn’t

Between Search and the intersection methods the returned results are different formats.